​Kinetic Attraction Review – My Personal Experience

​Join me as I explain what I think about Adam Lyons’ new training program called Kinetic Attraction.​  I’ve taken the time to go through the hours of training and I have to say it is the single best resource for any guy who wants to become better with women and dating.

It really is amazing. (Click here to watch the official Kinetic Attraction video…)Keep reading for more details.

​What Is Kinetic Attraction?

Kinetic Attraction is the newest online dating product that shows guys how to use their body language to attract women quickly and efficiently.

Kinetic Attraction System

​The Kinetic Attraction ​method uses science and proven ​principles, to make attracting women easy and effective​.  This blueprint is for men who want women to approach them.​

​Adam Lyons explain how communication is 93% non-verbal while only 7% verbal.  So even for guys who don’t know what to say all the time, if they can master their nonverbal communication, they will be way ahead of other men in terms of having the ability to attract women.

All of Adam’s wisdom regarding meeting and attracting women is jam-packed into fun-to-watch videos that ​can be downloaded immediately​ after completing your order.

​This will enable the Kinetic Attraction ​method ​to be ​stored deep into the subconscious part of your brain. You’ll be ​automatically triggering physical attraction and primal desire, and will have women approachingyou out of the blue… ​regardless of how old you are ​or ​your looks.

​Adam explains why body language is so important, and he focuses on how it was developed throughout history and how it is used in the animal kingdom.  This understanding helps put into perspective why it is so important for men in the modern dating world if they want to have success.

He also goes into incredible details about how reading female body language gives men an overpowering advantage over other men, even men who have other advantages such as, fame, fortune or social status.


What You Get With Your Purchase

the modules in kinetic attraction

Module #1 – How Body Language Gets You SuccessModule #2 – The Right Way to Reading Body LanguageModule #3 – Signs to Notice Before You SpeakModule #4 – The Way to Get Out of the Friend ZoneModule #5 – Success In a RelationshipModule #6 – When and How to do Sexual EscalationModule #7 – The Right Way to Succeed at Online DatingBonus Training Modules​ – How Open Relationships Boost Sexual Power​ – Why Men Suck at Picking Up Double Dates At Bars​ – Get Two Girlfriends – One Approach! – ​How to Walk into Any Club & Walk Home with 2 Girls​ – Revealed: The ​Real Trinity of Complete Sexual Satisfaction​ – Simple Ways to Convert Women Who Are Teasers into Women Who Are Pleasers!​Module #8 – Complete Access to the Body Language Academy

​​Besides the hours and hours of video training, you also get a great set of welcome bonus items.All of these items are delivered instantly​ and can be accessed immediately.

​Here are the welcome bonuses that come with ​Kinetic Attraction (yes there are other bonuses, but these are the first ones in the program).  The other ones are found later in the program in video form.

the kinetic attraction bonuses

Bonus #1 – Conversational ConfidenceBonus #2 – Touch Her S-Spot​Bonus #3 – The Fuck Buddy Formula​Bonus #4 – Sexual TextingBonus #5 – Take Her Breath Away

Touch Her S-SpotSexual Texting​The Fuck Buddy Formula​Conversational ConfidenceTake Her Breath Away​PLACE YOUR SECURE ORDER HERE

What I Like About The Kinetic Attraction Method

Adam Lyon’s does an amazing job explaining all of the nuances of body language and how it and it alone can be used to generate incredible levels of attraction, even with the hottest women.In fact, he teaches exactly how to deal with “The Ice Queen” type of woman, who intimidates all the guys around her.  He will show the one method he uses on this type of woman that works every time.

In fact, more often than not, this super secret technique will get her AND all of her friends attracted to you.  This leaves you with a choice of which woman you want to take home.​That is just one example out of the hundreds of tips, tricks and proven methods he shares during this amazing training program.

​There is so much material it took me two full days of watching the videos to finish.  Now normally this might be a problem, but I literally was hooked to watching the videos.  His magnetic personality, combined with the amazing content, made it really enjoyable to digest all of the training.

​Combine that with his two attractive girlfriends who help him demonstrate the various techniques and it is hard to stop watching.  Luckily there was module after module, each building upon the last so I never felt like a topic wasn’t covered completely.

​What I Don’t Like About Kinetic Attraction

​There is a ton of content – while this is great, it does require dedication to watch and digest all of the material.

I almost wish it wasn’t readily availabe to everyone – the training is so powerful I want to keep it all to myself.

My Final Thoughts And Personal Recommendation

​I am always a bit skeptical when looking at a new dating product that is supposed to show guys how to get any woman they want, but in this case ​The Kinetic Attraction Method actually delivers.  

It is an amazing program that not only backs up all of it’s claims, it over delivers on all of them.  Combining Adam’s proven experience, his incredibly easy to follow lessons and his magnetic personality, all work together to make this the absolute best program of it’s type.

For these reasons, I can highly recommend anyone who wants to have women approach them, and improve every interaction with every woman they meet – to take action now.Place your order today, knowing your secure purchase is protected with their 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.  You will not regret it.​